Finally Home!

Hey guys,

One thing that the last few weeks have taught me is that you never really know what’s around the corner. As I sit typing up this blog, looking out the window at the grey clouds that are unleashing buckets or rain in true British fashion, my mind is constantly drifting back to three weeks ago when I was looking out of the bridge window on a 100,000 ton oil tanker whilst thinking to myself ‘What the hell has just happened? Did I really climb up that ladder to safety?’. These last three weeks have been really quite surreal, I keep thinking I will wake up and this will have all been a dream and that really I’m still in the boat making my way to Mauritius with Ash. Unfortunately that’s not going to happen and I now have to focus on moving forward.

There are so many people that helped Ash and myself in Australia that it is difficult to thank them all. I am extremely grateful for everyone’s support and help. In particular, I need to say thanks to John and Cheryl of Max Marine in Geraldton and the wonderful Mackie family of Perth.

Before flying home I gave an interview in Perth with 9 News. You can watch it here. They used some of the rescue footage that was taken from onboard the Dubai Charm as we hauled ourselves up to safety. I hope you enjoy it!

The most popular question that I’m getting now is ‘What’s next?’. I can tell you that I’m working on a very exciting project for next summer. That’s all I can say for now but more details will follow in time. And I’m not ruling out another attempt at the Indian Ocean. For the time being I will focus on fulfilling my speaking commitments and various other engagements. I am also working on an exciting range of Captain Ketch hoodies and baseball caps! Do drop me a message if you’re interested.

I’ve learnt an awful lot since I first rowed across the Atlantic in 2010. I didn’t actually set out to become a full time adventurer, it just happened. It’s not been easy, but anything worth having is never easy, right? In my next blog I will share with you  the biggest lesson I’ve learnt from this recent adventure. I will however leave you with a few things to think about for now.

Everyone has the capability to succeed if a certain protocol is adhered to. That protocol is ... never give up! Start working towards your dreams today, as tomorrow never comes! That I can assure you. Create your own destiny, you can be whoever you want to be.

Out for now

Captain Ketch

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