2014 what a year!

Hi everyone,

It’s been such a long time since I updated the blog, I wanted to update you all on what’s been going on.

Since I arrived home earlier this year, I’ve been flat out with speaking engagements, some of which have been abroad.  I recently retuned from Mumbai where I spoke to almost 2,000 employees from a major bank.  It was a fantastic experience, and I’ve never seen so many people dancing at the after party – it was certainly not for the faint-hearted!  Every time I travel to India, I am so touched by the kindness that is bestowed on me and I’m always very grateful for the warm welcome.  It is a truly wonderful country!

I’m now very pleased to announce that my book is finally finished.  I will never underestimate the time and effort it takes to write 105,483 words!  Writing my book was very similar to rowing across the Atlantic Ocean, of course no waves and flying fish, just the feeling of working towards such a gigantic goal that seemed never–ending at times.  My mindset on the row was just to keep rowing and eventually I would run out of ocean; in the same way, I knew that if I kept writing, I would eventually finish my book.  Thankfully I kept writing!

It is just going through the publishing process at the moment and will be released next year.  If anyone is interested in a copy, please send me a quick note via this link and I will ensure a copy is reserved for you.  

I think most of you know that I’m rowing across the Indian Ocean next year and am pleased to report that the project is going extremely well.  My rowing partner, Ash, has been working incredibly hard on his fitness and overall preparations, despite having epilepsy and suffering with one to two seizures a week.  Our main aim is to prove that having epilepsy or a disability is no barrier to pursuing one's goals and living a normal life.  Effectively, we want to break down the stigma around epilepsy and disabilities in general.  If anyone would like to sponsor us (all proceeds will go directly to our chosen charities), you can do so here. Many thanks in advance.

We held our boat launch in London’s Docklands back in October and both Ash and I were blown away at the take-up and general interest from the press.  The Sunday Times ran a nice piece and Sky News invited us both into the studios for an interview.  If Ash and I can break the record for a two man crossing of the Indian Ocean, which currently stands at 85 days, I honestly think the profile of the project is going to go stratospheric!  Keep your fingers crossed!

As with all expeditions, it’s been incredibly tough just getting to the point we are at now.  We still have a slight shortfall with the funding so if you have any contacts who you think may be able to help out, it would be greatly appreciated.  The boat is going back to the boat builders for the final stage of fitting out in January.  Once that has been completed, the James Lewis will be ready for her crossing!

Don’t forget, you can follow all the updates via my twitter feed @captainketch

Out for now,

Captain Ketch

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