Outdoor Show 2013

Hi Everyone,

Hope January is treating you all well so far. The last time I saw proper snow like this was on Everest in 2011 so the recent flurry has bought back some nice but tough memories. 
So the good news is - I'm very pleased to announce one of my new sponsors for this year is Berghaus. I will be signing a deal to endorse a potential new range of Berghaus cycling kit that I will use whilst on my cycle around the world. Having been backed by Berghaus before I know their kit is very good and will certainly do it's job in keeping me warm and dry. Whilst I'm on the subject of sponsors i only need another £5,000 to complete the cost of the cycle so if you know of any companies that would like to help me keep the pedals turning and supporting a wonderful charity at the same time do please get in touch. They would be coming on board along side some major brands and with my Discovery channel documentary it would be a very lucrative offering for a fairly small investment. For full details just drop me a line. 
Last Friday I spoke at the Outdoor show in London's Excel arena which turned out to be quite a good event in many ways. At first I was worried that the impending snow was going to effect the number of visitors attending the show and I would be speaking to a couple of people who happened to be sitting down only because they were eating their lunch. Fortunately there were still a good number that braved the cold weather to come and and look round. I arrived 15 mins early to give my presentation and the AV guy was nowhere to be seen. After some phone calls he arrived to set up my laptop only to find that the AV system didn't work correctly with Macs. He was a very pleasant chap but said sorry most people don't use macs for this sort of thing. I  thought to myself that's rubbish. After a bit of messing about we finally got the presentation working and off I went. It's funny the last time I spoke at the Outdoor show the flat screen TV fell off the wall so i'm obviously jinxed when it comes to speaking there. Nevertheless I gave my presentation and by the end had quite a large crowd and received some very nice comments and it was great to meet some lovely people afterwards. 

I do need to say thanks to Ian from Ian Homer photography for coming to the show and getting some good pics. A camera that can make my ugly mug look half decent must be very expensive! Here is a link to some of the photos Ian took. http://www.flickr.com/photos/jamesketchell/

Due to the snow and ice I have opted to train in doors on my turbo trainer for the past few days. For anyone who doesn't know what a turbo trainer is...Its a device that you attach the rear wheel of your bike to and you can pedal until your heart is content or you get bored and have had enough. It's good just to keep the heart rate up and burning calories. Something that is quite exciting that I have to announce. I am planning a Lands End - John O Groats ride with round the world cyclist Sean Conway in April. Only it has a slight twist in that we have seven days to complete it which is no problem but we are only allowed to spend £100 for the whole trip. Could be interesting and could be getting very hungry! 
I'd be keen to hear if anyone out there is planning or working on any projects of their own. i was reading a good article in the Telegraph recently about expeditions and trips to do before you die. I'll leave you with this thought. What would you do if you could do anything before you die?
Out for now
Captain Ketch,

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